Our Vision:

“90% of employees are burdened with monotonous and repetitive tasks.”

SnapLogic 2017 global study of business productivity

We bring AI and business processes together to automate repetitive work

How does it work?

Too much of day-to-day office work consists of tedious, manual tasks

Take, for example, sorting inbound emails

Employees manually forward customer emails to the right department.

Manually sorting emails

This is manual, error-prone and tedious work

The responsible workforce suffers from a high workload, time pressure, as well as fatigue from such boring tasks.

Manually sorting emails

With outsmart.ai, your employees get a helping hand

outsmart.ai AI Workers executing processes

The outsmart.ai AI Workers automatically execute repetitive tasks

Email forwarding, invoice recognition, sentiment analysis – you name it. Our AI Workers are able to process unstructured data in various formats.

outsmart.ai AI Workers executing processes

They offer end-to-end process execution

Data input, processing and entry into, e. g., CRM or ERP software: Our AI Workers are autonomous and precise.

outsmart.ai AI Workers classifying incoming emails

Your employees transform your organization by teaching AI Workers

The AI Workers learn from your employees’ feedback

Your employees are asked for their expert knowledge from time to time, continuously increasing the performance of the AI Workers.

Employees giving feedback to outsmart.ai AI Workers

Our AI Workers utilize state-of-the-art ML technologies

By using a derivative of Active Learning combined with NLP, our AI Workers quickly improve their intelligence and precision.

Employees giving feedback to outsmart.ai AI Workers

Our Team:

Tim Wegner

Tim Wegner

Co-Founder & CEO

Tech Entrepreneur & founder of analytics company Minodes (exit to Telefónica). Former McKinsey consultant in Germany & California. M.Sc. in Physics (MIT, TU Munich & Imperial College) & certified Deep Learning engineer.

Alexander Müller

Alexander Müller

Co-Founder & CTO

Data Scientist with several years of experience in AI & Big Data roles at SAP, Schmitz & Minodes. M.Sc. in Business Informatics (Uni Mannheim, DHBW), certified Deep Learning engineer & RPA Developer.

Bastian König

Bastian König

Full-Stack Developer

IT-Systems Engineer and passionate designer with former roles at several digital agencies. B.Sc. in IT-Systems Engineering (HPI, Potsdam).


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